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K1.SG: Our primary goal is to provide flyer printing & brochure printing to individuals, small businesses, and business owners. We love the individuals, the newbies, the novices, the new startup companies, and the business owners. We included with free delivery service and helped you in bleeding your artwork design (to obtain an edge to edge cut). For Enquiry Please Contact Us 😳

Who We Are

K1.SG is an incredibly Good and Reliable Brochure Printing Company based in Singapore. Printing of high-quality flyers and brochures are at the heart of everything we do. While our primary focus is to print and deliver flyers or brochures, we also work with a regular group of clients who like our print products and love our excellent customer service and after-sales support.

What We Do

We exist to print and deliver flyers and brochures to those on a tight budget. It's Our Pleasure to work alongside with our clients and helping them to prints flyers and sales brochures for their marketing effort. From full-color flyers, sales brochures, Tri-Fold brochures, to Gate-Fold brochures, we offer the lowest printing price for all. We believe that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to print flyers and brochures for the use of advertising and marketing campaign.

Brochure Printing Singapore is crucial to your business success, and it is a great way to create brand awareness and to communicate with consumers. The A5 Brochure, A6 Brochure, A4 Brochure, Tri-Fold Brochure, Half-Fold Brochure, Z-Fold Brochure, and Gate-Fold Brochure is a useful advertising tool for relaying information, company products, and business services.

Turn Your Business Company to Success Using The Sales Brochures!

When you are trying to make people aware of your business, whether you're selling a new product or opening a new retail shop, using the sales brochure perhaps is one of the cheapest but highly effective ways to attract attention and to gain new sales for your business.

Cheap Brochure Printing Singapore - Cheap Brochures are the most cost-effective marketing tool you can use to spread out the word about your business, your company products or services. You can distribute them out, mail to prospects, display at your office counter or even leave them where your potential clients and prospects can get them.

When creating brochure design, a brochure design in full color and printed on glossy art-paper possibly an excellent option. Be smart in using the right colors for your brochure design, use full colors that match the theme of your logo, company products, and business services and to give an appealing look to the brochure design.

It is crucial that your brochure is design and printed nicely and should capture the attention of your target audience with bold caption and an intriguing brochure design. In truth, in brochure printing services, making an A5 Brochure, A6 Brochure or A4 Brochure requires skills and ability to print A5 Brochures, A6 Brochures or A4 Brochures that will look beautiful and also attract attention from the pack.

K1.SG provides ''Brochure Printing in Singapore'', such as; A5 Brochure Printing, A6 Brochure Printing, A4 Brochure Prints, Tri-Fold Brochure Printing, and Half-Fold Brochure Printing or Bi-Fold Brochure Prints, Z-Fold Brochure Printing and Gate Fold Brochure Printing.

Through the enhancement of our printing machine and modern-day innovation for " Brochure Printing in Singapore," In the present, K1.SG is providing Cheap brochure printing services in Singapore. We included free delivery service and assisted you in bleeding your artwork design (to obtain an edge to edge cut) and getting great customer support from us. For Enquiry, Please Contact Us @ 9798-6868

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